September 02, 2021


A Beginner’s Guide to Tomorrowland

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Nick Hastin
A Beginner’s Guide to Tomorrowland
The Tomorrowland Times Podcast
A Beginner’s Guide to Tomorrowland
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Show Notes

With the long-awaited debut of Tomorrowland streaming worldwide on Disney+, Hastin and Nick sit down to welcome a new batch of Dreamers, Optimists, and Junior Tomorrownauts into the fandom.

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The Origin of Plus Ultra animated short.
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May 22, 2017

First Anniversary Commentary

Join Hastin and Nick as they present a feature-length audio commentary companion to “Tomorrowland”, including exclusive interview excerpts with Brad Bird, Damon Lindelof, Jeff Jensen, Thomas Robinson, and Raffey Cassidy! *To sync this track with the film, press “play” when the first opening logo firework bursts. If you would like to skip to the interview excerpts, you may do so at the following timecodes: 00:00:59 – Damon Lindelof on the editing process. 00:07:13 – Brad Bird on pin variations. 00:13:52 – Damon Lindelof on the first draft. 00:19:27 – Jeff Jensen on the first draft. 00:27:20 – Jeff Jensen on Casey’s character. 00:38:50 – Damon Lindelof on length. 00:40:45 – Damon Lindelof on Walt Disney. 00:51:20 – Damon Lindelof on Drummelberg. 00:55:48 – Damon Lindelof on Frank’s holographic dog. 01:01:34 – Thomas Robinson & Raffey Cassidy on flashbacks. 01:10:18 – Jeff Jensen on “Before Tomorrowland”. 01:28:19 – Damon Lindelof on Nix & Plus Ultra. 01:41:49 – Damon Lindelof on Nix’s speech. 01:58:05 – Brad Bird on the creative process. 02:01:15 – Brad Bird on the end credits design. 02:02:03 – Brad Bird on the future of Tomorrowland. 02:02:45 – Damon Lindelof on the future of Tomorrowland. 02:04:13 – Jeff Jensen on the future of Tomorrowland. 02:08:39 – Final words from Damon Lindelof. This commentary was recorded in 2016 for the first anniversary of the film “Tomorrowland” and released for its second anniversary on May 22, 2017. Intro and Outro Music by Landon Walter ...




April 02, 2021

The Road To Pittsfield

Fifth in our 12-part series diving deep into the mysteries of Disney’s Tomorrowland movie. Join Hastin and Nick as they race down the road to Pittsfield, ponder stolen vehicle speeds, unfold the wisdom of a paper fortune teller, and find more resonance with current events than they expected. ⚛ Follow Tomorrowland Times on Twitter.⚛ Will the real Hugo Gernsback please stand up?⚛ CineAlta Magazine issue 6. ...




March 12, 2021

Newtonian Determinism

Second in our 12-part series diving deep into the mysteries of Disney’s Tomorrowland movie. This week, Hastin and Nick meet Casey Newton, an optimist in crisis with destructive tendencies and more questions than answers. Family drama! Schrodinger’s Mom! Manspreading! PlayStation Portables! Chicago Blues! An ever-growing list of Tomorrowland mysteries! ⚛ Follow Tomorrowland Times on Twitter. ...